Who we are...
We are a team of dedicated wildlife removal
specialists who understand that your wildlife
conflict can range from a stressful
annoyance to a truly fearful experience. Our
staff will address these conflicts with a
degree of professionalism and customer
care not often seen in service companies
today, efficiently ending the stressful or
fearful wildlife conflict in a cost effective and
timely manner.
How we do it...
Advantage Wildlife Removal starts this process the moment you call us.  
Your call will be answered 24/7 by a wildlife removal specialist. (no
answering machines or services).  This specialist will be able to address
your concerns, answer questions concerning wildlife and if needed
schedule emergency or normal service.
Once on site, we employ an integrated wildlife management program which
consists of an inspection to identify problem wildlife , implementing removal
procedures and most importantly, provide you with a written report listing
wildlife entry issues and providing a solution to these issues to keep them
from reoccurring.  A written estimate is included in the report. As a full
service company, we are able to address these issues with full warranties.
Bats- Enter home
through gaps as small as
1/4 inch. Will raise their
young in same attic year
after year resulting in
large amount of
Raccoons- Enter homes
through both roof and
louvre vents, chimneys,
and by chewing holes in
roof usually at gutter
line. Will live in attics  
year around resulting in
large amounts of
droppings and urine
fouled insulation.
MOLES- Damage lawns
and landscaping through
their constant tunneling
looking for insects /
Squirrels- Enter homes in  
similar manner as
Raccoons. Will live in attics
year around. Can pose a
fire threat  by chewing wiring.
Skunks /  Opossum- Live
under porches / decks. Often
result in odors in home and
pet conflicts.
Wildlife Issues  
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Bat Removal in Cincinnati, Ohio
Bat removed from home in Cincinnati Ohio.
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